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Join-languages performance

These are performance figures for three implementations of the join calculus, as they appear in our article Compiling Join-Patterns.

   fib  afib  pat  qsort  count
join  32.0  14.5  37.2  9.9  16.4
jocaml  5.7  3.5  5.4  1.4  4.2
Bologna  11.9  6.2  9.4  16.8  5.3

Times are wall-clock times, in seconds. Experiments were performed on a 200Mhz Pentium Pro PC. We compared our two implementations with the Bologna implementation.

Source for the benchmarks can be found here, both as a tar file, or as individual files:

   fib  afib  pat  qsort  count
join  fibo.j  afib.j  pat.j  qsort.j  count.j
Bologna  fibo.jb  afib.jb  pat.jb  qsort.jb  count.jb

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